Atlantic Web Fitters is a relationship firm with IT solutions... Atlantic Web Fitters is a relationship firm with IT solutions... Minimize
Founder and CEO: Gifford Watkins

Gifford Watkins welcomes you to Atlantic Webfitters

"Small businesses struggle with building and maintaining functional web sites.

With an eye on increasing efficiency, automating business processes and improving communication, Atlantic Web Fitters helps companies leverage the communication power of the Internet with DotNetNuke webportal technology powered by Intel."

Gifford Watkins and Tracy Wittenkeller at DotNetNuke World in Orlando, Florida
We build web portals... portals, portals :) We build web portals... portals, portals :) Minimize

 web portal solutions make web publishing much easier...


  • You are no longer dependent on desktop software to make changes for you.
  • Changes can be made by YOU any time day or night, from ANYWHERE.
  • We handle and eliminate the technical details, allowing YOU to control and update your portal website, with little or no technical training.
  • YOU CAN CONTROL who updates sections of the portal.
  • The graphic ”look and feel” of YOUR CHOICE can be the same (or different) on every page, regardless of the content. It automatically applies to new pages you add.
  • Instantly send personalized email/newsletters directly to prospects, customers, suppliers, or staff, one-on-one or as a group. 
  • Internet and secure Intranet functions are at your fingertips.

We will save you thousands of dollars by eliminating delays and the need for technical skills to make changes to your portal.  This will guarantee you will make the BEST FIRST IMPRESSION on your potential customers.


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[pawr-tl]   –noun

1. a door, gate, or entrance, especially one of imposing appearance, as to a palace.
2. an entrance to another dimension.
3. Computer: a web site that provides an entry point to the internet or intranet.

DotNetNuke (DNN)
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A permanent (Internet/Intranet) web portal solution for growing businesses.

Login and easily add, edit, delete pages; add modules (programs) to pages and deliver content to public or private users. Create security roles and grant people access to view and/or edit pages and modules. We'll help you configure your portal, host it and support you. Contact us now


What Will You Build?

Business Portals
Business Portal?

Church Portals
Church Portal?

Family Portals
Family Portal?

School Portals
School Portal?

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Your Portal To Grow For A Lifetime"

"you have house keys, car keys, we give you the keys to your webportal"
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consider what happens by... consider what happens by... Minimize
  • Failing to Plan
  • Buying Technology for the Wrong Reasons
  • Not Getting Enough Training
  • Not Leveraging Available Resources
  • Failing to Back Up and Restore Business Information
  • Failing to Pay Attention to Security
  • Not Having a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Not Having a Plan for Maintenance
  • Not Tracking How Your Network Works
  • Not Looking at New Innovations

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  • Do you have a business plan?
  • Do you have a technology plan?
  • How do you buy technology?
  • Have you had any training on your technology?
  • How are you allocating your resources?
  • Are you backing up your information?
  • How are you securing your information?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery plan?
  • Do you have a maintenance plan?
  • Do you document your network?

    contact us and we'll help you plan ahead...